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Comprehensive Guide to Delete Your Watched Facebook History

If you are looking for how to delete watch history on Facebook, then this is the perfect blog for you. You will get the exact steps you need to follow to delete the watch history of your Facebook account.

So, without wasting time, let us immediately get ahead to know the steps that are needed for it and that you must follow just as they are mentioned.

Steps for Removing the Watch History of Your Facebook Account

The steps are pretty simple; you need to pay attention to them when you are executing them. 

On Facebook App

  • According to Getassist, you need to first access your device. Then get logged into your account on Facebook using the login credentials, following which you should now look for the option of setting and privacy.
  • When you find the setting and privacy option. You should tap on it, which will present some options in front of you from which you should opt for filters, which you will find under the activity log.
  • Now, move to the categories option, after which you should now hit on the videos you’ve watched option, from which you can opt either to delete all the search history or to delete it individually, whichever you like.
  • For deleting individually, you have to use the three horizontal dots, and to clear all the watch history at once, you should tap on the option to clear video watch history.
  • And lastly, tapping on clear when a prompt appears in front of you on the screen will clear all the history.

On Web Browser

  • Open your desktop and find 
  • There you need to enter your credentials to log into your account. 
  • Now, click on the Profile from where you need to go to Settings & Privacy. 
  • Then you need to scroll down and choose the option Activity log. 
  • After that click on the Videos You’ve Watched under Activity log.
  • You will redirect you to the screen where you can see your watched videos. Now, you need to click on the three dots next to the video that you want to delete. 
  • Then click on the Clear Video Watch History button. 
  • If you want to delete the entire history of Facebook then in the history. You need to click on the Clear Video Watch History that is shown in the corner of the screen. And your entire history will be deleted. 


We hope that the details about how to delete Facebook video history in this blog that have been mentioned to you have been of use and beneficial for you in getting rid of the history of watching videos on your Facebook account and that you were able to remove it.




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