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Easy Steps to Perform a Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

It is time to analyze a little how the conversion rate levels are going if you are reaching your objectives if you are obtaining the desired results and more factors that influence this indicator.

Therefore, it is time to carry out a step-by-step CRO audit and see what things need to be improved to achieve your digital marketing goals. 

To do this, these simple steps to perform a CRO audit can improve your conversions.

What is the CRO?

First, it is important that you can understand this term. CRO stands for Conversion Rate Optimization. This is a process that seeks to improve the conversions of a web page.

Why is CRO so important? 

It is important to know that this indicator is not used to obtain more visits to the web page. This serves to have higher quality visits, which are favorable for the business. 

Conversion rate doesn’t just mean everything is sales, but it can be newsletter signups, social media, sales funnel insertion, quality visits, increased web traffic, or any other action you take to increase the number of users who visit the web.

Therefore, it is important because it allows you to generate more leads, that is, to get more potential customers. 

However, we must not neglect the search engine positioning known as SEO, as well as the structure of SEM campaigns to have better results.

Therefore, it is important that you can frequently perform a CRO audit in these easy steps : 

Regularly check the CR

Have you had an increase or decrease in the conversion rate  It is time that you analyze and see, regularly, this factor that will help you see the reports, that is, how they are produced and where they come from.

Check bounce rate

As we explained at the beginning, the conversion rate can be measured in the number of subscriptions, sales, follow-ups on social networks, and more indicators.

Therefore, it is essential that you can observe in detail the conversion rates in these factors, and see if they are working and if they are having results.

Source of conversion traffic

Conversions are important when measuring our success. Therefore, it is essential to find out the origin of the conversion traffic, that is, where all the actions that lead to conversions come from.

To do this, you can set goals to increase rates on each segmented list.

Find negative traffic sources

The best way to get better conversion rate percentages is to know where your bounces are coming from. For this reason, the entrance accesses to your web page should be examined.

Evaluate user experience 

By reviewing and examining the bounce levels, you will be able to realize that the user experience influences web traffic.

Therefore, you must evaluate if you are reaching the goals of the user experience on different devices, whether on mobile, desktop, or by voice search.

Improve landing pages

One of the key objectives to having good results is to get web traffic, but we must not forget the conversions that are obtained for each visitor who navigates the website.

Therefore, take into account the tools to create landing pages, and test to see which of the landing pages is having the most success.

Analyze the competition 

Looking at what the competition is doing will allow you to know what strategies you can use to achieve your goals.

In this case, it is advisable to analyze the competition to see what things we need to implement. Or check what weakness I can take advantage of to increase the conversion rate and be more successful.

Create a plan and implement it

Looking at each previous step, have you noticed that you should change or modify some things? It is time to create a plan and implement it to optimize the conversion rate.

To do this, analyze each action of the CRO audit. And see how you can be the best for your users until they become potential customers.

Do you want to analyze the percentage of your conversions? At Digital Specialist, our experts will help you to increase your sales and achieve your goals with conversion optimization. Contact us to inquire about the CRO audit.



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