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How to Draw Sailor Moon Easily

How to Draw Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon began as a manga in 1991 and has since been adapted into anime, films, and other forms of media.

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It is also one of the most popular series in the world and many fans love to follow the adventures of Sailor Moon and her friends!

If you are one of these fans and want to learn how to draw Sailor Moon to show your love for this character, then read on!

Drawing such a character can be challenging, but we wanted to make it much easier for you!

We hope you enjoy working with us on this step-by-step guide to drawing Sailor Moon!

How to Draw Sailor Moon

Step 1

One of the most unique visual aspects of this character is her interesting hairstyle, and that’s where we start in this guide to drawing Sailor Moon!

First, start with a rounded shape on the left side of her head for the first topknot.

We then use the reference image to draw the outline of her hair on her head. You can then attach another of these round buns to the top right of his head.

Emerging from each topknot is a long, flowing section that is an essential part of her design.

You can start by drawing some long curved lines going down from the left bun and then add some curved lines at the bottom for the loop there.

Step 2

Now that you’ve started on the hair, we can start on the face for your Sailor Moon drawing. When you look at her face, the first thing you might notice is that her eyes are large and round and take up a large part of her face.

His pupils are also quite large inside his eyes and there are some extra lash lines above them.

We’re also going to add the second strand of hair flowing down from the other bun, but be sure to leave a gap where her arm will go a little.

Then you can draw a small round shape for her open mouth and then add the outline of her face and some dots for her freckles. We’re also going to draw her neck, and once you’ve done that you can move on to step 3!

Step 3

In this third step of our guide on how to draw Sailor Moon, in addition to her back, we will also add her arms. First you can draw her square scarf starting from the base of her neck.

Then we can add his arms. The part of her dress that her shoulders extend from will be fairly rounded, and her arms will then be slim and angled.

Finally, you can use slightly more rounded lines for the back and waist.

Step 4

In this part of your Sailor Moon drawing, you can start drawing the skirt and the leg! First, draw a large bow at the base of her back for the sash she wears at her waist.

Then you can draw her skirt sticking out from below. Your skirt is divided into different sections that you can draw with curved, angular lines that connect to each other.

Next you can draw the first of his legs, this one will be raised and bent. You can draw this leg with some rounded lines and there will be quite a bit of room in this leg for where the second leg will go shortly.

Step 5

Now it’s time to finish the drawing in this step of our how to draw Sailor Moon guide before adding some colors in the last step.

In this part we will mainly focus on adding his second leg, and unlike the first, this leg will be extended outwards.

It also fills in the space you left in the previous step and leads to the tall boot she is wearing.

Once you’ve added that leg and some final details, you can proceed to the coloring portion of the tutorial! You can also add some details to this design that you might like. Perhaps you could design a wallpaper to showcase your favorite Sailor Moon moment!

Step 6

The final step in your Sailor Moon drawing is to top it off with some paint! He has a color scheme all his own, including some yellow for his hair, and white, blue, and red for his uniform. These are the colors we used in our reference image. You can use them as a guide for your image.

You can also change the colors a bit and play with your favorite art mediums and tools. We can’t wait to see how you complete this awesome Sailor Moon picture!

Your Sailor Moon Drawing is Finished!



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