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How To Get Incredibly Creative With Your Indian Wedding

Everyone is passionate about creating indelible memories of their wedding. Especially Indian weddings belong to a unique category on this earth. If you are looking for some simple but profound ideas to make your wedding event stand out, this article is for you. Here are a few creative wedding ideas to try within a simple budget.

Transform the entrance
More than any time in the past, bridal entry has received much attention and focus in weddings. Usually, only the bride has been taken for the ceremony venue from her room. However, things have changed now. Guests of these days wait eagerly for the bride’s entry. Make the entrance and entry stand out with flower shower, smoke bombs, fireworks, or a royal palki ride. Making an arrival over a song can also be an innovative idea to make the entry uniquely interesting. The baby of the family can carry the sign of the arrival. You may also think of a floral bed for the bride to walk into the event venue. The royal touch you give to the entrance and the entry can stand out in the memories of the guests for a lifetime.

Interesting catering ideas
Foods that make the mouths water are the central attraction of any marriage. Indian weddings are always talked about for their lavish food treats provided to the guests. Start with appetizers and drinks and plan the maincourse and desserts with meticulous care. Meals are the main segments that need a detailed brainstorming and planning for success. In fact, over the internet you can gather great ideas on some incredibly nice dishes.

Deviating from the regular practice of serving kebabs for appetizers, you can certainly try some new ideas like tikkas of different flavors, Fish ‘n’ Chips, and tortilla wraps. Along with some admirable sausages, they can help create the best first impression in the guests.

Including a dessert stop is a great idea to add a royal touch to the marriage party. For winter weddings, some great additions in these lines can be hot chocolate with ice cream topping, hot cocktail, or doughnuts. Setting up a soup station along with a serving of flavored bread pieces can win the appreciation of your guests. An adorable idea would be cheesecake.

Inspiring decoration
Decorations make the wedding highly colorful. Some strange but charming decoration ideas include centerpieces on the tables with flower vases. You can try adding candelabras or coloured candlesticks to them. Fairy lights or satin drapes, or potted plant hangings, or bird cages can all be great ideas to decorate the ceiling. To add a rustic look, you can also think of paper chandeliers.

Set up photo booths
Photo booths in wedding parties are attractive additions. A frame hanging at the venue garden can help strike a big fashion statement. In some creative weddings, we are able to see some fun photographic moments or outlandish props.

Take away
Whatever may be the arrangement you may plan for the wedding, it is important to create indelible memories of the event. To this end, it is important that you hire a highly creative Indian wedding photographer. Take referrals from your contacts and find out the best photographer who will deliver great results.



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