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HometechnologyHP Pavilion Gaming Laptop-The Best Gaming Keyboard For Fans

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop-The Best Gaming Keyboard For Fans

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: If you’re an enthusiast looking for the greatest gaming keyboard you can find, the Wooting 60HE pushes the boundaries of gaming customization. The little Wooting 60HE shares a feature with our top pick, the SteelSeries Apex Pro Mini Wireless, including patented switches that let you adjust the pre-travel distance of each key. The additional millimeter range offered by this keyboard is from an incredibly sensitive 0.1mm to a substantial 4.0mm.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Additional features offered by the software include a “rapid trigger” that does away with the need for your keys to travel back up to a default reset point like on most gaming keyboards and multi-input settings for programming different actions to trigger whether you tap or hold down a key. These features can significantly alter how you play your favorite games. To put it another way, this enables you to press the keys repeatedly faster, which can be really helpful while playing FPS or Rythym games.

The keyboard also supports an Analog Mode, which simulates the gradual input of a gamepad controller and offers finer control that’s perfect for racing games or flying sims.

You don’t need to worry about having too much bloatware on your device because this software is also available in a web form. Be aware that none of the top internet merchants sell this keyboard. You must order the keyboard through Wooting’s website instead. The Wooting 2HE keyboard is also available in full-size form if you’re a gamer who needs arrow keys or a numpad.

Important Mentions

ASUS ROG Azoth: If you’re searching for a keyboard that combines excellent gaming performance with the sound and feel of more expensive custom mechanical keyboards, the ASUS ROG Azoth is an excellent wireless substitute for the SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL (2023). The switches’ pre-travel distance cannot be adjusted, and it is substantially more expensive than the SteelSeries.

The Ducky One 3 is a multipurpose mechanical keyboard that is offered in a variety of hues and sizes. Because the PCB is hot-swappable, you can install custom switches. Although it has a low enough latency to support intense or competitive gaming, it is not as low as the Logitech G715.

Obinslab Anne Pro 2: The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a Razer Huntsman Mini substitute that offers somewhat lower wired latency and Bluetooth wireless connectivity. But this keyboard usually costs more, and it only has one fixed incline level.

ASUS ROG Azoth Keyboard 

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop ASUS ROG Azoth is a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard that has an OLED display that can be customized. Although it includes a hot-swappable PCB and can be ordered with pre-lubricated ROG NX mechanical switches, you can also choose to use the original switches instead. These design features work together to enhance the overall acoustics and feel of this keyboard in comparison to less expensive gaming models.

A superb gaming keyboard with incredibly low latency, full RGB illumination, and a configurable OLED display is the ASUS Azoth. When compared to many prebuilt gaming keyboards, it has a higher-quality sound and feel thanks to its layers of sound-dampening material, gasket-mounted construction, and textured PBT keycaps. It also has exceptional build quality.


excellent construction.
extremely little delay.
Stabilizers and stock switches are already lubricated.


High-profile design; using it continuously without a wrist rest can be exhausting.

Variations And Size Differences

There is only one color option for the ASUS ROG Azoth, which is Black. These switches are available for this keyboard: linear ROG NX Red, tactile ROG NX Brown, and clicky ROG NX Blue.

Comparing This Keyboard To Others

The ASUS ROG Azoth features a configurable OLED screen and superb latency performance, features often found on high-end gaming keyboards. It also has components that are more typical of custom mechanical keyboards. These components include a gasket-mounted design, switch, and stabilizer pre-lubrication, and layers of poron foam and silicone for sound absorption.

Ducky One 3 Keyboard

The newest HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop keyboard in the Ducky One range is the Ducky One 3. Although it comes in a variety of sizes and color schemes, the full-size model that was purchased and tested is the only one. Additionally, it is available in a variety of various stock Cherry MX switches, and because it is hot-swappable, you can use the switches of your choice without having to solder. It has doubleshot PBT keycaps that feel wonderful to type on and seems to be very well-made. However, the lack of shine-through legends on these keycaps makes them difficult to read in dimly lit spaces. This keyboard is a fantastic option for gaming of any genre because it also has incredibly low latency. Additionally, even though it has two incline levels, it doesn’t come with a wrist rest, making it less pleasant to use for prolonged periods of time.

It’s hard to beat the Ducky One 3 as a gaming keyboard. It has an incredibly low latency and feels extremely well-built. Additionally, this keyboard includes complete RGB backlighting. Its keycaps don’t have shine-through legends, though, so reading them in dimly lit spaces could be difficult.


extremely well-built feels.
extremely fast click latency.
a whole RGB backlight.
All keys can be programmed with macros.


has no specialized software.
not equipped with a wrist rest.

Obinslab Anne Pro 2

The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 is a superb 60% small gaming keyboard that looks stylish in most computer settings and feels very well-built. Exceptionally low wired latency, complete RGB backlighting, individually-lit keys, and macro-programmable keycaps are just a few of its features. Our keyboard utilizes Gateron Brown switches, which provide a reasonable degree of feedback, aren’t too loud, and offer outstanding typing quality. This keyboard is available with a broad selection of switch configurations. Unfortunately, the keyboard’s height, the absence of incline settings or wrist rest, and the fact that there are no arrow keys may annoy some users during extended typing sessions.

The Obinslab Anne Pro 2 keyboard is a great choice for gamers. The Gateron Brown switches on our item have a solid build quality, nice tactile feedback, and require little force to operate. Unfortunately, because it lacks a wrist rest and changeable incline settings, its ergonomics are subpar.


excellent construction.
There are many different switch kinds available.
a whole RGB backlight.


hardly any extras.



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