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HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop-How To Change Mouse Sensitivity on Your Laptop or PC

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: You’ll need to know how to modify mouse sensitivity at some point if you use a mouse with your laptop or computer. It’s crucial to understand the details of this feature whether you work with precision-based tasks or have just bought a new mouse. This is especially true for some PC gamers, as the performance of your mouse can have a significant impact on your gaming experience.
Let’s first take a look at how to access and manage your mouse sensitivity settings before we offer suggestions for enhancing sensitivity or responsiveness in this post.

To assist you advance your gaming, HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop offers a variety of gaming mice, including the HyperX line. Additionally, users will be able to customize the mouse’s functions to suit their particular playstyle in order to maximize its performance.

Windows mouse sensitivity settings

Fortunately, it’s simple to figure out how to quicken your mouse or alter its sensitivity. Just take the following actions:
At the bottom-left of your screen, click the Windows button.
To access Settings, click the gear icon on the left side of the screen. You can restart or shut down your device by going to the Power icon, which ought to be just above it.
From the Settings window, choose the Devices tab.
If you’d rather examine other mouse settings, you can also type “mouse” in the “Find a setting” search bar.

From the left sidebar, choose the Mouse tab. It should be considered alongside other available devices, such as Bluetooth and printers.

Locate the Cursor speed slider and slide the marker to the right to improve the sensitivity of your mouse. Move the marker to the left to decrease.
Look under Related settings for additional cursor modification choices. For more ways to adjust, view “Additional mouse options” after clicking “Adjust mouse & cursor size” to control size and look (including color).
Your main worries might be addressed by this, but there are more ways to manage the mouse input experience.
One can:
Choose the left or right button as your default.
Slow down the scrolling
control cursor size
on hover, scroll inactive windows
If you have any additional questions concerning the functionality of your mouse, take some time to investigate.


Maybe you have a sentimental attachment to your old mouse pad, or maybe you just don’t want to shell out the cash for a new one. These older goods, however, are a challenge for your mouse because of their peeling, tears, or wear. The laser sensors on your mouse might become clogged with loose fibers over time, or they may even get into the mouse itself.
Because this is the most common way for interference to happen, think about replacing your mouse pad as it starts to show signs of degradation to avoid these problems. Think about a gaming mouse pad while selecting a new pad.


X1500 HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop Mouse
If you consistently have input problems, it might be time to start shopping for a new mouse. In contrast to the HP OMEN vector essential mouse, which offers more advanced capabilities like DPI controls (which we’ll discuss later), the HP X1500 mouse is a well-liked and reasonably priced USB option.

The majority of your issues might not be resolved by a new mouse, but if you were utilizing an outdated or broken gadget, it can make a significant difference. For additional information on the characteristics you might wish to give priority to having in your replacement device, keep reading.

Seek out options that include DPI control.

Direct DPI adjustments are among the simplest techniques to regulate cursor speed. DPI controls, which stand for “dots per linear inch,” let you alter how quickly your mouse scrolls over your screen. Most gaming mice come with DPI controls next to the scroll wheel, like the HP OMEN mouse stated above. Wish to learn more? See What is DPI (Dots Per Inch) in our article.

Think about hard-wired options.

Undoubtedly, a wireless mouse offers more mobility and usability options, especially if you switch between different workspaces frequently. However, using wired mice also has its benefits.
They typically cost a little less at checkout and are more responsive.

They often cost a little less at checkout and are more responsive. Additionally, there is no chance of interference brought on by signal lapses, and batteries are not an issue. To pick the best-wired mouse for your needs, look at HP’s selection.


Check to see whether your mouse came with any additional software if you want the most effective sensitivity controls. Although every interface is unique, several of them offer more management options and settings for greater accuracy. For instance, you may control everything we discussed (and more) using an HP OMEN gaming mouse directly from the HP OMEN Command Center.

Whenever considering mouse sensitivity

There are various typical scenarios where you may want to make an adjustment, however many people only look into how to change mouse sensitivity after they have a problem. Here are a few instances:

IF shows length OR resolution is modified

Your desktop’s size and topography are affected, which increases the distance your mouse must travel while performing tasks. You might wish to learn how to speed up the mouse for a larger display so you can navigate the screen more swiftly and easily. You might want to reduce mouse sensitivity on screens with fewer pixels.


There are additional things you can do to prevent mouse problems in addition to knowing how to set mouse sensitivity. For the majority of people, this simply entails a brief tour of your PC’s settings and problem-solving. If you’re still having problems, keep in mind our advice, and make sure to check your mouse pad for damage before you purchase a new gadget.



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