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HometechnologyHP Pavilion Gaming Laptop- The best way to choose a laptop charger

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop- The best way to choose a laptop charger

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: Make sure the charger you select for your laptop is compatible with it before purchasing. Using a non-compatible charger puts your machine’s warranty at risk, damages your laptop’s battery, and even puts you at risk of a fire. By consulting the device’s specifications or your present laptop charger, you should always make sure the charger is compatible with your laptop. To make sure the charger satisfies safety and quality standards, it is also advised to select an Australian Compliance charger. To ensure your gadget performs at its best and is safe, always pick a charger that matches its requirements.

Due to the wide variety of chargers on the market, it can occasionally be tough to find the right charger for your laptop.

How do I select the best laptop charger?
The part number for the charger can be found where?
Where do I find the charger?
How can I tell what my charger’s wattage is?
What kind of connector does the cord for my laptop use?

it’s difficult to get the right laptop charger
Fortunately, there are a number of quick ways to choose the appropriate charger for your laptop:

Check the label on the charger you currently have for the part number.
Examining the pin type directly on the charger connector (Pin) in terms of Watt.
The label on your existing laptop should have the serial or model number on it.

Charger component number

Examining the label on your existing charger is one of the simplest ways to identify the correct charger for your laptop. On the label, the part number is often written as “P/N,” “Spare,” or “FRU.” To purchase a charger, enter the part number into our search box at the top of the page.

You can be sure that you buy the right replacement charger for your laptop by finding the exact part number on the charger label. By doing this, you may prevent compatibility problems and make sure your device charges properly.

Watt and Charger Connector (Pin) Type:

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: Determine the charger pin type and wattage using a different way. You can physically check the pin type and look up the wattage on the charger label. Use our laptop charger page to filter the possibilities and choose the suitable charger if you are already aware of the pin size and wattage specifications of your present charger.

pins on the HP charger: 7.4mm, 4.5mm, and USB-C
Round tip, slim tip, car charger, and USB-C connectors for the Lenovo charger
pins for the Dell charger: 7.4mm, 4.5mm, and USB-C

Serial or model number of the laptop:

You can still get the appropriate replacement if you can’t find your old charger or if you’ve lost it. The serial or model number of your laptop, which is normally written on the back of the device, is one option.

As an alternative, you can locate the serial or model number using the command prompt. Just enter “cmd” and “wmic bios get serial number” into the Windows search box, respectively. By doing this, the model number will appear, which you can use to find the appropriate replacement charger.

To buy a replacement charger, utilize our serial look-up website after you have the serial or model number.

Buying Chargers and Adapters in Australia and New Zealand: Ensuring Compliance and Safety

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

In Australia and New Zealand, it is essential to choose a charger or adaptor that complies with safety and legal requirements. Before making a purchase, it is crucial to look for the manufacturer’s name or emblem and the RCM mark on the label to ensure the security and dependability of your electrical item. This will make it easier to verify that the product is real and complies with all applicable safety laws.

Here are the top two features to search for when buying a charger or adapter:

the charger’s maker’s logo

When selecting a charger or adapter, the name or emblem of the manufacturer is one of the most important things to check for. The validity and safety of the product can be determined by looking at this information, which should be prominently displayed on the charger or adapter. The name or brand of reputable manufacturers will be imprinted on the goods together with other details like the model number and safety certifications.

Charger’s Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) logo

All chargers and adapters in Australia and New Zealand are required to bear the Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) emblem. This logo shows that the product has undergone testing and has been certified to fulfill the government’s performance and safety criteria.

Along with other details like the manufacturer’s logo, model number, and input/output characteristics, the RCM logo must be easily readable on the label. The absence of the RCM mark may indicate that a product does not adhere to safety requirements and should be avoided.

Australia Laptop Charger: Compliant vs. Non-Compliant

Avoid buying chargers and adapters from independent websites and marketplaces like Amazon and eBay since they could be overrun with low-quality, non-compliant aftermarket devices. These items frequently lack the RCM logo and are constructed from inferior materials, which can lead to performance problems, device damage, and the voiding of your warranty.

Laptop chargers for HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop

Popular laptop manufacturer HP offers a variety of models with various specs to meet the needs of various people. The laptop charger could need to be modified or changed with time. HP laptop chargers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, wattages, and connector types. The 7.4mm, 4.5mm, and USB-C connectors are a few of the popular ones for HP laptop chargers. Users have the freedom to select the charger that best fits their device thanks to these connectivity alternatives. To prevent compatibility concerns, it’s crucial to make sure the connector matches the one on the laptop.

There are numerous wattage options available for HP laptop chargers, ranging from 10W to 330W. The following fall under this category: 45W, 65W, 90W, 110W, 120W, 135W, 150W, 180W, 200W, 230W, 280W, and 330W. The rate at which the charger can recharge the laptop battery depends on its wattage.

HP charging pin, 4.5mmHP charger pin 7.4mmUSB-C charging pin for HP

The cost of an HP charger varies from $50 to $250 based on the connector type and power. Before buying a replacement laptop charger adapter, it is crucial to determine the wattage of your device. Additionally, it’s critical to purchase from reliable, authorized stores in order to avoid purchasing fake or subpar goods.

At EMPR, we have a wide selection of HP chargers in the $50 to $250 price range. You can pick the ideal AC adapter, power adapter, or power supply for your HP laptop from a variety of available choices. To discover the ideal charger for your device, you can even filter our selection by connector type and wattage.

Laptop chargers for Lenovo

Popular laptop manufacturer Lenovo offers a variety of models with various specs to meet the needs of various people. The laptop charger might, however, need to be upgraded or replaced after prolonged use. There are several connector types available for Lenovo laptop chargers, including Round Tip, Slim Tip, Car Charger, and USB-C.

There are numerous wattage options available for Lenovo laptop chargers, ranging from 10W to 300W. The following fall under this category: 45W, 65W, 90W, 95W, 100W, 120W, 135W, 150W, 170W, 230W, 240W, and 300W. The rate at which the charger can recharge the laptop battery depends on its wattage. Therefore, it’s crucial to pick the right wattage to prevent harming the laptop’s battery or making it overheat.



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