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HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop- How to charge a laptop without charger

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: Think about leaving town for a weekend getaway. Perhaps you’re traveling to a friend’s destination wedding, heading to the beach with your family, or going camping with your buddies. It will be convenient to watch movies, complete some work, or play a PC game when you have free time, so you decide to bring your laptop with you. While traveling, a laptop might make you feel more at home.

Oops! You remember you forgot to bring your laptop charger when you get to your hotel room and start unpacking. Even worse, you mistakenly left it in the airport power outlet. It appears that you will have to travel without your laptop because it only has 10% of its charge left.

How can a laptop be charged without a charger?

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: An inbuilt battery is a standard feature of every laptop. All you need to do to charge the battery is provide it with electricity. The majority of the time, when we put our laptop into a household outlet, electricity passes through the cord and into the battery.

The most efficient way to charge your laptop battery is probably with a laptop charger, but there are other options as well. You only need:

a power supply
a means of supplying electricity to the battery
Let’s get started.

Can you use a USB to charge a laptop?

USB Type-A is not even an option.

You will notice that there is a rectangular connector at the end of the cord—the metal component that you insert into the computer—if you are currently using a wired mouse or keyboard and unplug one of them. It is referred to as a Type A connector.

Since USB Type-A is the most widely used USB connector, it is reasonable to infer that wherever the term “USB” is used, it refers to USB Type-A. Your phone charger most likely has a USB Type-A connection as well. Unfortunately, while Type A can be used to power smart gadgets, your laptop cannot.

But USB 3.1 also brought forth a brand-new connector known as USB Type C, or “USB-C.” Type A has a rounder form than Type C. Because of its high-wattage connectivity design, it has a much greater power transmission capacity than Type A and can do so more quickly. Much quicker

Type A (USB 3.1): 10 Gbit/s of speed
Up to 20 Gbit/s of speed with USB-C (USB 3.2)
About to improve even more

The USB-C connector that goes along with USB4 was introduced in 2019 and can transfer data at up to 40 Gbit/s.

The short version is that USB Type-A cannot be used to charge a laptop, whereas USB-C can.

How can I use USB-C to charge my laptop?

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: If your laptop has a built-in USB-C connection, you can use a USB-C cable to charge it. Just make sure the cable includes a plug adaptor (the box-shaped plug that fits into an outlet at the end of your phone charger). The main charger for some laptops is a USB-C cord.

Using USB-C, charge your laptop:

Connect the USB-C cord’s other end to a power source.
Connect the USB-C cable’s opposite end to your laptop.
I’m done now! As long as you have access to a USB-C cord, it’s simple as pie. The obvious issue, though, is what if you don’t have access to one.

Prepare options in advance

HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop: However, if you’re in the market for a new laptop, you should give acquiring one with at least one USB-C connection significant consideration. The popularity of the USB-C connector is rising quickly. It’s reasonable to expect that most laptops will have USB-C ports in the future, and USB Type-A ports may even be completely phased out. The notion is that since more people are expected to own USB-C cables in the future, there will be a higher likelihood that someone will be willing to lend you one if you misplace yours while traveling. Currently, finding someone who has the same type of laptop charger as you would be necessary, which could be more challenging.

Most of the well-known HP laptop brands we offer have at least one USB-C port:

HP EliteBook 11 Chromebook
HP Spectre HP ProBook
HP ZBook and HP ENVY 13

How can a laptop be charged while driving?

How can a laptop be charged while driving?Yes, an automobile has electricity. You can use the power it generates whether you are driving on a road trip in your automobile or hiring a car when your airline lands. The process of using it to charge your laptop is quite simple. However, you’ll require the following two items:

USB Type-A connector on one end and a USB Type-C connector on the other end of the AC adapter. For usage with a USB car charger, this USB Type-A to USB-C converter is ideal.

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. To power up your laptop while driving:

Start your vehicle
Your car’s charging port should be plugged into the car charger; however, many contemporary cars include USB ports that you can use instead.
Your laptop should be connected to the USB-C port.

How do you use a power bank to charge your laptop?

How do you use a power bank to charge your laptop? Using a power bank is among the simplest ways to charge your laptop. For your laptop, a power bank serves as a portable battery. Simply attach the power bank to your laptop to get started. Power banks’ ability to operate without being connected into an outlet is its strongest feature.

There are many different varieties of power banks, and they aren’t all made with the same charging capacity. With a USB Type-A power bank, you can charge laptops with less power. Get a power bank with a USB-C port if you wish to power a more potent laptop, such as a mobile workstation. Your smartphone or tablet can be powered by USB-C power banks in addition to other USB devices.

Especially if you’re charging a more powerful laptop, your power bank will most likely only have the juice to recharge it once or twice. It’s crucial to keep in mind to recharge it by plugging it into an outlet. You won’t be able to utilize your power bank when the battery dies.



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