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Top 10 Benefits of Live Streaming Platform

Live streaming has become a popular concept in the post-pandemic world. With advanced features for easy accessibility, live streaming is here, not just to stay but to rule the world of real-time content consumption and communication. It is a primary reason businesses are transitioning to live streaming as a form of communication. With the innumerable perks of live streaming, it is no more an option but a necessity to grow and sustain their brand. Particularly, live streaming on mobiles helps beginners to make in-person events accessible to a remote audience. A professional and best live-streaming platform can help you host a live stream without the need for technical expertise. Live streaming is not highly technically demanding.  

This article explains what streaming is and the benefits of live streaming using a professional streaming service versus a free platform like YouTube.  We have included advantages like high-quality streaming, analytics, monetization, security, and more. Using a professional live streaming service for your streaming business has multiple benefits.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a technology for real-time happenings that broadcasts live audio and video to mobile viewers via the Internet. Live streaming is becoming popular by helping businesses connect with their audience instantly.  Streaming live events helps businesses to launch promotions, make announcements, conduct online classes, church services, and more. There are various reasons why live streaming can be the best for your business. Companies use live streaming to facilitate direct communication with their customers. Many broadcasters employ live streaming solutions to utilize the streaming resources effectively. A live streaming service allows businesses to promote their professional profile through live video content. 

Why do you need a Professional Live Streaming Service?

There are several benefits to live-streaming services versus creating a server from scratch. Running your own live stream requires technical expertise. You can buy the server, but it might get complicated and expensive. If you are new to streaming, using a professional live streaming service is the best. Using it makes it easier to broadcast your live events. And working with a professional video streaming service gives you control of your presentation.  

Top 10 Benefits of Using Live Streaming 

High-Quality Streams

A global CDN is crucial to high-quality streaming. Free platforms or your own servers challenge the quality of your streaming. You need a live streaming service and a CDN to broadcast high-quality video.A CDN is a global delivery system for transmitting content via its server. Streaming on your own is risky, where there are chances that you will clog your servers. While streaming initially, the data is transferred to the CDN server by the source where it is stored. The data pack is sent to viewers while other packs reach the CDN. It broadcasts high-quality live streams to your audience with minimal lag. During live streaming, you must ensure that your stream functions perfectly and consistently without glitches. Select a live streaming service with a robust CDN.

Reach More Audience

Physical events need a physical space. In live streaming, you connect with people virtually. People cannot always attend physical events, even if they want to, due to work commitments and other expenses. Build live streaming app for event takes your content to such people. You can connect with anyone in the world using live streaming. The only limit is the server capacity in your streaming service. Choose a professional live streaming service that suits your viewership levels. You could use social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook if you are looking to connect only with your friends and family. 

Analytics Tracking

Tracking the success of your live stream in terms of viewership and viewers’ behavior is essential. Professional streaming services contain tools for analytics. Relevant metrics like viewer numbers, engagement levels, and user behaviors are tracked to identify your target audience. It will help you enhance your content strategy. In live streaming, you can get real-time feedback from viewers, which allows you to customize your content experience.

Customer Support

Troubleshooting technical problems can be complicated with minimal live streaming experience. A live streaming service also comes with a 24/7 customer support team.If you stream by yourself, you have to figure out what you already know. A reliable live streaming platform will offer round-the-clock customer support at all times.  A professional streaming service is essential to stream a large-scale event like a concert. Disruptions during these events can cost and impact your brand reputation. A reliable streaming service with consistent customer support can prevent such mistakes.  

Mobile Streaming

Consumers today view video content online on mobile devices via mobile streaming. You must stay on pace with these live-streaming statistics to ensure that consumers can easily access your live event on smartphones.Most platforms help you to stream your content to mobile devices using an HTML5 player. It allows viewers to access your live stream whenever they prefer. A professional streaming service has this type of video player. And offering mobile live streaming keeps you connected to a wider audience.

Video Monetization

Many professional streaming services have tools for video monetization. You charge viewers to access your live stream, or they can pay using a pay-per-view model or a monthly subscription. A video paywall has to be used in the case of SVOD and TVOD monetization. It locks free access to your content by asking the viewer to purchase the video or opt for a subscription to access your content. Many live streaming platforms have options to monetize with sponsored ads, and you can control the ads displayed. Thus live streaming offers more ways to make money.If you’re streaming a one-off event, the TVOD method of monetization with a one-time fee would be suitable.  

Global Video Delivery

Most professional streaming solutions collaborate with powerful CDNs. A CDN is a collection of servers located in various geographical locations. Collaborating with strong CDNs eliminates lagging and quality issues, offering reliable content delivery to your viewers. It also helps secure global content distribution. Some streaming services have partnerships with the Chinese government. It is beneficial to use a video platform that has done the clearance needed. All you need is the right professional video streaming service for reliable video streaming. 

Customizable Video Player

Many professional streaming platforms offer a distraction-free video streaming experience. No third-party ads can interrupt your streaming experience. However, a paid streaming solution also offers a customizable HTML5 video player. It allows customization of branding and allows access to choose the functional elements of the video player. You can decide the buttons and controls your player should have. Customization allows you to integrate your video player seamlessly into the app. A custom video player is a competitive solution when working with a professional video hosting provider.


A professional service is more cost-effective than self-hosting and spending on all of the relevant technology for content delivery and bandwidth.Access to a powerful CDN is expensive if purchased separately. CDN prices depend on the bandwidth needed. As streaming services are equipped with user-friendly features, you don’t have to hire a developer to configure things for you.Some professional streaming services can be expensive. Always go for pre-developed software options that can reduce costs. Working with a professional streaming service allows you to save valuable resources.  

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are important with the increasing extent of piracy. Free streaming platforms do not have real privacy or security tools that can limit access to your content. Paid tools have robust privacy and security features. It keeps your content safe from hackers by helping you control the access permissions to your video players.

Privacy and security features include:

Password protection Tokenized security IP/Geographic limitations  Domain/Referrer limitations These tools protect your video content from unauthorized access. A professional video service helps protect your valuable content with many advanced tools developed for high-level security.   


Live streaming services help you broadcast and create videos that are professional and authentic to your mobile viewers. Connecting with your audience is the priority in live streaming for businesses.These live streaming platforms are designed for creating content that attracts audiences by promoting you as a forward-thinking and technologically savvy brand that implements innovative solutions.



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