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Scholarships in Dubai to Study for Global Students

Dubai has become a regional hub for business and trade in the UAE. There are a lot of helpful government edges and a planned location. Dubai draws the best experts and industries from all across the globe. In the last previous decade, Dubai has as well changed into a global knowledge hub and become the new home for a few of the world’s top universities. So with these higher education chances in mind, I have placed together the complete guide to the institutes providing scholarships in Dubai.

Students also benefit from interacting with a multinational community, fostering the exchange of ideas and perspectives. Dubai’s cosmopolitan nature exposes students to different cultures and traditions, enhancing their overall educational experience. Furthermore, Dubai’s strategic location allows students to engage with global industries and gain practical experience through internships and networking events. Overall, scholarships in Dubai offer a unique blend of education, diversity, and real-world engagement, promoting personal growth, academic excellence, and global awareness.

Explore the golden opportunity of pursuing your academic dreams in Dubai through a range of exclusive scholarships designed for international students. Immerse yourself in a vibrant and diverse cultural hub while gaining world-class education at esteemed institutions. These scholarships cater to a multitude of disciplines and levels, enabling ambitious minds from across the globe to access top-notch education in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. By availing of these scholarships, you not only invest in your academic journey but also experience the enchanting blend of tradition and innovation that Dubai offers. Seize the chance to broaden your horizons, establish a global network, and create unforgettable memories in a city that thrives on limitless possibilities.

Financial Hardship Scholarship 2023

Financial hardship scholarship is among the best scholarships in Dubai. Because it is provided by the Canadian university, to inspire education in Dubai students who have financial issues. So the scholarship provides a budget for both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. A few sacrifices of 30% are allowed for the chosen students which is based on everyone’s case. Thus below are a few points that are vital to check your fitness before applying for scholarships in Dubai.

  • Students should have at least a 75% score who have cleared their high school diploma
  • Since the scholarships do not apply to summer students
  • Candidates who are selected should spend at least 15 hours a month in group service at the university because of their pledge.

University of Dubai

It is a lesser of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and a firm with local and global approvals. There are a lot of certain scholarships in Dubai for UAE students. But then global students may obtain discounts and studies for management, finances, and law degrees.   

Great Academic Quality Scholarships

This is offered by the University of Wollongong Dubai campus. The great academic quality scholarships offer aids which range from 20% to 50% of fee payment. So, there are plenty of undergraduate programs offered under these scholarships in Dubai.

HH Sheikh Hamdan Scholarships

This is one of the top scholarships in Dubai. This system is offered to students who have top scores and want to start their bachelor’s degree at Hamdan Bin Muhammad Smart University. Students who have at least a GPA of 3.60 out of 4.00 are given a 15% reduction in the tuition fee for the next semester.

Note: If you are having issues crafting the best assignment or you do not have enough time. Then there are a lot of university assignment help services you may hire. And your assignment will be completed in a quick time.

Masdar Institute Fully Backed Master Scholarships

So, this institute provides possible students with fully backed masters and Ph.D. degrees. It offers an excess of conditions for its Master’s and Ph.D. programs. Below are the few benefits which are provided by this institute.

  • Whole fees of tuition
  • Every vital textbook
  • A laptop
  • Monthly salary
  • Health insurance
  • Return of GRE and TOEFL fees
  • Yearly return ticket home

Thus students need to check the following criteria for this institute scholarship in Dubai prior to applying for the study.

  • A degree of undergraduate in Science, IT from a known and qualified university.
  • A CGPA of at least 3.0
  • GRE score at least of 155
  • TOEFL score at least of 91 or an at least academic IELTS grade of 6.5

Global Student Tuition Scholarships in Dubai

These scholarships which the University of Wisconsin Stout provides to eligible global students on the undergraduate and graduate levels. That is based upon the quality of academics at UW stout and also their input in global cultural activities and the ease of use of capital.

US University in Dubai

This was created in 1995, the US university in Dubai is among the top higher education institutes in the UAE. It has at the moment has almost 2000 students in many schools like:

  • School of MBA
  • Science and Arts School
  • School of Education
  • Arts and Design school

So, these programs offer scholarships in Dubai for global students.

Government Scholarships in Dubai

Below are the most famous government scholarships in Dubai.

●        A Benjamin A. Gilman Global Scholarship

                They reward up to 5000$ which might be benefited by Pell Grant receivers only.

●        The David L. Boren Scholarships

These are for foreign and security complex languages like Islamic Studies, and Arabic, with benefits over and above 26000$. So receivers are placed in the Department of homeland security once they finish their study.

Murdoch University

It has an almost global alumni public of more than 70,000. Because this university is linked with respect and self-esteem, this is among the top global universities in Dubai. It provides many undergraduate, postgraduate, and as well diploma programs. Thus this Dubai branch is placed in Academic City Dubai.

They also provide scholarships in Dubai for global students. Below are their wide discounts and scholarships contain:

  • Pathway programs of scholarships
  • Academic merit scholarships
  • Initial bird discount
  • Partner school Bursary
  • Alumni bursary
  • Trade partnership discount

Heriot-Watt University

This is the last list of universities that offer scholarships in Dubai to global students. The first campus of this started in 1821. During these 200 years, the university has created its respect cheers to world-class education and the latest research.  So, it is one of the top global institutes in Dubai. Thus the institute provides basic courses, like undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Hence those who are looking for Ph.D. scholarships in Dubai have a better chance to join in studies. Below are the following studies to which students may apply.

  • Family study
  • Alumni study
  • Full advance fee payment discount
  • Trae firms discount

How to Study in Dubai?

If you’re considering studying in Dubai, you’re in for an enriching and diverse educational experience. Known for its modern infrastructure, vibrant culture, and world-class universities, Dubai offers a unique blend of academic excellence and a global outlook.

Studying in Dubai is many students’ dream. So if you get the opportunity to study in this amazing country, don’t lose the chance. To obtain scholarships to study in Dubai students have to satisfy the criteria of fitness. Thus each institute has unique academic needs based on the course and the level of study. As well they require you to upload vital papers to the website of the university. You will need to submit the necessary documents to apply for a scholarship university in Dubai. Get daily updates on the application deadline and result date. They need to submit the application form prior to the due date. Do not forget to send the admission offer Letter received from the UAE university.


Scholarships in Dubai can change your life if you are a foreign student. There are a lot of opportunities for students of Dubai Universities. Think many times about choosing the major before you apply to a university in Dubai. Choose the right major that is great for your career, even if you don’t have a plan to do jobs in Dubai in the future. Hence these are top institutes that are offering scholarships in Dubai for global students. I hope that it shows you useful in letting you find the ideal institute to study in Dubai.



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