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Tumblr Alternatives with No Limits 2023 [Updated]

Tumblr has been one of the best platforms for micro-blogging for a lot of years as the website has provided every feature that was required for blogging. The website has been helping people for a long time however, recently there were some new changes made to the platform which were not very well received by the users. 

The new policies and changes to the platform have not made it difficult for people to use the platform which is why there are a number of people who are now looking for other similar websites and applications that can be used for the same. If you are also someone who wants to jump ship then, we are presenting some popular tumblr alternatives that you can use if you are no longer interested in using Tumblr. 

Best Alternatives to Tumblr without Restrictions 

The restrictions added by Tumblr are one of the main reasons why so many users are now leaving the platform and this is why here, we are giving you some brilliant tumblr alternatives that do not have limits and allow users to express themselves in whichever way they want. 

  1. Reddit 

There is no Tumblr user who is not familiar with Reddit as Reddit rarely needs an introduction. The awesome social media application is one of the most used social media applications where people can express anything that they want to. The platform has turned into a complete social media application with different units and sections where you will get to do things depending on your interests. 

  1. Medium 

Another very famous platform that can be picked by Tumblr users is Medium. This platform has been launched by Evan Williams and the creator of the platform has created this platform as an online publishing platform. He aims to provide a safe space to every person where they can share their thoughts and ideas without any restrictions and without getting judged by other people. 

  1. 4Chan 

The name might seem a little different to you but, this micro-blogging application is used by a lot of people and you can also choose the platform as an alternative to Tumblr. The platform allows users to post all their thoughts and ideas freely while remaining anonymous if they do not wish to reveal their identity. There are currently 72 different topics on the platform, each with a separate board where users can post their ideas and expressions. 

If you are intrigued by the platforms that we have shared here then, use Thewebsaga to know about more blogging websites and applications. 



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