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What Does The Purple Circle Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular social media app that comes with some of the most unique features like Snapchat Streaks, disappearing messages, strange filters and so many more. The app offers an easygoing way to communicate with your friends through chats, photos and videos. Moreover, if you’re streak friends, it allows you to engage with each other daily. 

Cool Features of Snapchat 

Snapchat has never failed to stand firm with other social media apps in bringing new updates and features. Recently, Snapchat has also come with its subscription-based plan which offers users exclusive features such as  Snapchat Planets etc. 

It’s fun interacting with your friends in a cool way. Moreover, you can even boost your creativity by creating your Bitmoji. Bring your fashionista out and style it however you wish to. You can even subscribe to celebrities or your favourite influencers to keep up with their daily updates. 

Though it’s been over a decade since it was introduced as a social media platform, with constant updates and new features, users still find it complicated to comprehend many of its features. One such feature is the purple ring or a purple circle around the user’s profile. Are you also wondering what does the purple circle mean on snapchat? then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Snapchat and explore what that purple ring around your friend’s profile means. 

What is A Purple Circle on Snapchat?

If you observe a purple circle snapchat around somebody’s profile picture, it means that they have uploaded a new story. A feature called Stories on Snapchat was introduced in 2013, it’s a casual way to update your friends on your daily lives by putting up a picture or a video that lasts for 24 hours. Hence, a user has 24 hours to watch their friend’s story when they upload one, by tapping on their profile picture.

Moreover, you might have also noticed a purple ring with a lock attached to it. Now, this is a recent upgrade and allows users to upload a story that is only visible to a selected number of people. Hence, you can choose with whom you would like to share a post or a video through stories. So, if you see a lock attached to a purple ring around somebody’s profile picture, it means that you’re one of their closest friends and you’re selected to see their story. 

Another place on Snapchat is your Chat tab where you can see tiny purple boxes below your friend’s profile name. These boxes indicate that you’ve received a snap from them. It could be either red or purple. If it’s red, it means it’s a photo and if it’s purple, it means that it’s a video. Additionally, if it is blue that means you’ve received a text message.

To conclude, Snapchat is a fun way to keep up with your friends’ daily lives in this fast-paced world. With unique features, it makes it interesting to engage with your favourite people on the internet. Moreover, by tapping on the profile picture with a purple ring around it, you can watch their recent content. 

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