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Which smartphone has the best selfie camera?


In the era of social media and digital communication, a smartphone’s selfie camera has become an integral aspect of our daily lives. Capturing picture-perfect self-portraits, creating engaging content, and staying connected with loved ones are all made possible with a high-quality front-facing camera. This blog explores the three standout contenders renowned for their selfie camera prowess: the Google Pixel 5 Unlocked Single-SIM 5G Smartphone, ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, and the latest offerings from OPPO. Beyond the Google Pixel 5 Unlocked Single-SIM 5G Smartphone, ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, and OPPO’s latest offerings, the market is brimming with smartphones that boast excellent selfie cameras. Let’s delve into additional contenders that have caught the attention of photography enthusiasts and social media content creators worldwide. 

Let’s explore their features, image quality, and innovative technologies to determine which smartphone takes the crown for the best selfie camera

Google Pixel 5 Unlocked Single-SIM 5G Smartphone: A Masterpiece in Computational Photography 

The Google Pixel 5 has earned its reputation as a photographic powerhouse, thanks to its cutting-edge computational photography capabilities. Featuring an 8 MP front-facing camera, this device excels at capturing stunning selfies that rival those taken with higher megapixel sensors. 

Although the Pixel 5’s front camera boasts a seemingly modest 8 MP resolution, Google’s renowned image processing algorithms come into play. The device’s software-driven Super Res Zoom and Night Sight features ensure unparalleled image clarity and detail, even in low-light conditions. 

The Pixel 5’s front-facing camera stands out for its exceptional Portrait Mode. Using advanced AI algorithms, it captures stunning bokeh effects that artfully blur the background, emphasising the subject. The result is professional-looking portraits with a natural and pleasing depth-of-field effect. 

Google’s AI capabilities enhance the selfie-taking experience on the Pixel 5. The camera’s AI-powered face retouching and beauty mode optimise skin tones and lighting for flattering selfies. Real-time suggestions further guide users to capture the perfect shot with ease. 

ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate: A Gaming Powerhouse with Impressive Selfie Prowess 

The ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate is a gaming-centric smartphone with a versatile camera setup, including an impressive front-facing camera. 

Featuring a high-resolution 24 MP front camera, the ROG Phone 6D Ultimate delivers sharp and detailed selfies. Its 24 MP sensor ensures superior image quality, capturing every nuance of your expressions. 

The ROG Phone 6D Ultimate’s Portrait Mode uses advanced depth-sensing technology to create stunning bokeh effects. Backgrounds are artfully blurred, drawing attention to the subject and adding a professional touch to selfies. 

This gaming phone’s front camera is equipped to record high-quality videos at 4K resolution.   Its electronic image stabilization (EIS) technology ensures smooth and shake-free video recording, perfect for vlogging and video calls. 

OPPO’s Selfie Camera Revolution: Innovations in Front-Facing Imaging 

OPPO’s smartphones are renowned for their innovative selfie camera technologies, elevating their devices to the forefront of mobile photography. 

OPPO’s latest offerings often feature high-resolution front cameras, ranging from 16 MP to 32 MP. The higher megapixel counts contribute to crisper and more detailed selfies, ideal for users who value image clarity. 

OPPO’s AI-powered algorithms cater to selfie enthusiasts with real-time beautification, optimised skin tones, and background blur. These features ensure selfies are always Instagram-ready and showcase users at their best. 

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Empowering Your Selfie Game 

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is a flagship smartphone with an impressive array of rear cameras, but it also excels in the selfie department. With a 40 MP front-facing camera, the Galaxy S21 Ultra captures stunning self-portraits with vibrant colours and high detail resolution. 

The device’s AI-based Portrait Mode produces outstanding bokeh effects, blurring the background to emphasize the subject. The Super Steady Video feature ensures shake-free and smooth selfie videos at 4K resolution. 

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max: Elevating the Selfie Experience 

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is Apple’s flagship model, renowned for its cutting-edge camera capabilities, including the front facing TrueDepth camera. With a 12 MP sensor and advanced computational photography, the iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers sharp and vibrant selfies. 

The device’s Night mode ensures excellent low-light performance, allowing users to capture stunning selfies even in difficult lighting conditions. Apple’s Deep Fusion technology further enhances image detail and texture for natural-looking selfies. 

OnePlus 9 Pro: Capturing Selfies with Precision 

The OnePlus 9 Pro is celebrated for its Hasselblad-branded rear cameras, and its front-facing camera is equally impressive. Equipped with a 16 MP sensor, the OnePlus 9 Pro captures selfies with crisp details and accurate colours. 

The smartphone’s UltraShot HDR technology ensures well-balanced exposures, capturing more vibrant highlights and shadow details. Furthermore, its powerful Night mode produces bright and clear selfies even in dimly lit environments. 

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra: Pushing Selfie Boundaries 

Xiaomi’s Mi 11 Ultra boasts a 20 MP front-facing camera, equipped with advanced AI capabilities for superior selfies. The camera excels at capturing selfies with lifelike skin tones and optimal exposure levels. 

The smartphone’s AI Beautify and Portrait modes refine selfies with professional-grade retouching and background blur effects. The Mi 11 Ultra’s front camera also supports 4K video recording, ensuring exceptional video quality for vlogging and content creation. 

Sony Xperia 1 III: A Masterpiece in Selfie Photography 

The Sony Xperia 1 III is renowned for its exceptional rear camera setup, but it also features an impressive 8 MP front-facing camera. Known for its image quality, the Xperia 1 III captures selfies with rich colours and stunning detail. 

Sony’s advanced Eye AF technology ensures accurate and swift focus on the subject’s eyes, enhancing the overall quality of the selfies. The device’s Real-Time Tracking also ensures that moving subjects remain in focus, ideal for capturing selfies in motion. 

Vivo V21 5G: Selfie Innovation at Its Finest 

Vivo’s V21 5G is a selfie-centric smartphone that offers a powerful 44 MP front-facing camera. The camera’s OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) ensures steady shots and smooth video recording for professional-looking vlogs and video calls. 

The V21 5G’s advanced Dual-View Video feature allows users to record videos using both the front and rear cameras simultaneously. This enables captivating vlogs and creative content with seamless switching between the selfie and rear camera views. 


When it comes to the best selfie camera, the Google Pixel 5 Unlocked Single-SIM 5G Smartphone, ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, and OPPO’s latest offerings all demonstrate remarkable prowess in front-facing imaging. The Google Pixel 5 shines with its innovative computational photography, offering exceptional image quality and stunning bokeh effects. Its AI-based features further enhance the selfie experience, ensuring that every shot is picture-perfect. 

The ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate impresses with its high-resolution front camera, catering to users seeking sharp and detailed selfies. Its Portrait Mode and video stabilization capabilities make it a versatile choice for content creators and vloggers. 

OPPO’s latest smartphones stand out with their commitment to innovation in front-facing imaging. With high-resolution sensors and AI-powered features, OPPO ensures that users capture flawless selfies, making them ideal for avid selfie enthusiasts and social media content creators. 

In the search for the best selfie camera, the Google Pixel 5 Unlocked Single-SIM 5G Smartphone, ASUS ROG Phone 6D Ultimate, OPPO’s latest F series, and additional contenders like the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, OnePlus 9 Pro, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, Sony Xperia 1 III, and Vivo V21 5G have all showcased exceptional selfie capabilities. 

From AI-enhanced portrait modes to high-resolution sensors and advanced image processing, these smartphones cater to various photography preferences. Whether you prioritise computational photography, professional-grade video recording, or the ability to capture selfies in challenging lighting conditions, these devices offer unique features to elevate your selfie-taking experience. 

Ultimately, the best selfie camera for you depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as image quality, AI-based enhancements, video recording capabilities, and specific features like Night mode and portrait effects to find the perfect smartphone that will empower you to capture stunning self-portraits and create engaging content effortlessly. 



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